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Sporting guns impress at auctions

29 January 2018

A trio of shotgun sales in the spotlight.


Keep your eye on the brawl…

29 January 2018

Holt’s (25/20% buyer’s premium) sale in London on December 14 included two prime examples of weapons designed to get their owners out of a tight corner.


Selection of arms and armour hammer highlights

29 January 2018

Attributed to the arms manufactory at Ripoll in northern Catalonia, this pair of 18th century miquelet-lock belt pistols (below) proved the surprise lot of the sale held by Italian arms specialist Czerny (20% buyer’s premium) in Sarzana on December 9. In good condition with an overall inlay of pierced and engraved decorative steelwork, they sold for €15,500 (£13,600).


Weapons at the cutting edge of war

29 January 2018

The American Civil War was fought during a period of rapid technical development in weaponry. While the conventional and reliable Springfield percussion rifle remained the mainstay of the infantry, many innovative firearms saw service for the first (and sometimes the last) time.

Militaria fair dates to note

29 January 2018

As winter moves into spring, London will host two major events for arms and armour enthusiasts.


Arms and armour auction previews selection

29 January 2018

Focus on lots coming up in sales at four auction houses, two from the UK and two from the US.


Get a handle on the pistols market

29 January 2018

The latest recent arms and armour sales on both sides of the Atlantic serves only to reinforce the impression that pistols remain a huge favourite with collectors in this field.


Singer: from sewing machine to gun maker

29 January 2018

When the US Government invited arms manufacturers to tender designs for a new standard-issue pistol for the US Army in the early 1900s the winner was Colt, with a system devised by John Moses Browning.


'Parcours de la Céramique': 20th ceramics staging celebrates Saumur

04 September 2017

The Parcours de la Céramique has become a well-established feature of the Paris rentrée.


Auctions in France: a flourish of first shoots for the autumn season

04 September 2017

The auction season is only just getting into gear in September but as this is a hectic time of year for fairs and dealers, most auction houses are keen to capitalise on the potential footfall to the Grand Palais and the Left Bank dealers’ trails.


Paris Biennale preview: Q&A with exhibitors Aktis Gallery and Kent Antiques

04 September 2017

ATG canvasses the opinion of two exhibitors, one returning for the second time and a new recruit.


American presentation blades mark contrasting careers

07 August 2017

Two American presentation swords, marking high points in two very different military careers, made their mark in recent sales.


Cased pistols – defending the honour of the market

07 August 2017

Cased pairs of pistols remain a particular favourite with collectors, being relatively compact and often in excellent condition after centuries cocooned in their brass-bound mahogany boxes.


The longarm of the war – a rare £5700 Baker

07 August 2017

The pick of a good selection of military muskets and rifles in Anthony Cribb’s (20% buyer’s premium) sale in Abingdon on June 27 was a relatively rare example of the Baker rifle issued to British rifle regiments from the beginning of the 19th century until the 1830s.


Zettler glass added to Del Mar’s specialist armory

07 August 2017

Thomas Del Mar (24% buyer’s premium) sold the first instalment of de-accessioned arms and armour from the John Woodman Higgins Museum in Massachusetts back in 2013 and a second in 2014.


Sporting guns catch the imagination of bidders

07 August 2017

Sporting guns are a little different from other areas of the arms and armour market in that many that are well over 100 years old are still in use today.


Pennsylvania's Morphy Auctions appoint firearms expert

07 August 2017

Russ Withem has joined Morphy Auctions as a firearms expert in the company’s firearms and militaria division.


The silent but deadly selection

28 January 2017

Crossbows and air rifles offered in UK and German auctions show the technical progression

14-8-8-2153armsA powder flask.jpg

Keeping your powder dry – a matter of life and death

08 August 2014

In the days when muzzle-loaders were the only choice for shooters, the one essential accessory was a flask for the powder. Many a battle or huntsman’s quarry has been lost through poorly kept powder.

14-07-14-2150NE06A Company Arts Scholars.jpg

Arts Scholars Company gains Letters Patent for full Livery status

14 July 2014

The Company of Arts Scholars has been officially recognised as the 110th Livery Company of the City of London with the presentation of the Letters Patent by the Lord Mayor at the Mansion House.