Clarice Cliff

The pottery painter Clarice Cliff created the distinctive wares that bear her name when she was employed by the Staffordshire firm of Wilkinson’s. It proved hugely popular and was soon a leading brand at the Burslem firm for which they employed a team of decorators.

The Art Deco shapes and bright colours of the Clarice Cliff ranges of table and ornamental wares, so admired at the time of their creation in the 1930s, enjoyed a revival in popularity in the 1970s that continues to this day making them desirable collectables.

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ATG letter: A Clarice Cliff book to remember

18 March 2019

MADAM – It was good to see Clarice Cliff featured in ATG No 2383. As mentioned, the pottery has had its ups and downs over the years and in any case ‘Clarice’ has always been a little ‘Marmite’.


Clarice Cliff across the price spectrum at Woolley & Wallis including a side plate designed by Laura Knight

11 March 2019

A selection of five pieces of Clarice Cliff offered at different price levels at Woolley & Wallis on March 20 .


‘The Clarice Cliff collecting market has grown older with me’

11 March 2019

Familiar striking shapes and bright colours retain a strong following despite a fall in demand from the 1980s-90s heyday.

Clarice - main 2.jpg

Six lots of Clarice Cliff for sale at Woolley & Wallis later this month

07 March 2019

Two collections of Clarice Cliff pottery are coming up for sale in Salisbury, from typical wares to the very rare. ATG talks to Woolley & Wallis specialist Michael Jeffery about six lots that reflect the evolution of the pioneering designer’s output


Clarice Cliff’s Age of Jazz back on centre stage

26 March 2018

An American private collector bid £15,000 for a rare Clarice Cliff figure group at Woolley & Wallis in Salisbury.


Clarice Cliff: Bizarre patterns across the UK

19 March 2018

Much of the Clarice Cliff pottery that finds its way into UK salerooms is relatively inexpensive. However, a clutch of pieces by the Staffordshire born and bred designer due to go under the hammer over the next few weeks will attract those in the hunt for scarcer works.

clarice cliff chiswick 1 2326web 19-01-18.jpg

10 Clarice Cliff highlights at Chiswick Auctions’ colourful sale

19 January 2018

A private collection of Clarice Cliff was offered by Chiswick Auctions in west London this week. The collection of close to 300 typical pieces of colourful Art Deco pottery was offered in 140 lots and modest estimates ensured all of them sold.


Farmer who sowed Decades of Design sale format seeds

06 November 2017

Stourbridge auctioneer Will Farmer held the first of his biannual Decades of Design sales at Fieldings (17.5% buyer’s premium) 12 years ago and rather wishes he had copyrighted the phrase – now almost a generic term for post-1860 dec arts sales.


Clarice Cliff goes online only at Christie’s

07 August 2017

The collection of Clarice Cliff formed by André Aerne, a voice professor at Butler University in the US who died last year, will be offered in an online sale at Christie’s this month.

Clarice Cliff Christies  2303NEa 02-08-17 LOT 1090.jpg

10 Clarice Cliff highlights offered in Christie’s online-only sale

02 August 2017

Christie’s are offering a collection of Clarice Cliff in an online-only sale for the first time this month.

Clarice Cliff vase in Blue Lucerne pattern

Clarice Cliff’s rare Lucerne pattern vase emerges in Cheshire saleroom

02 March 2016

The so-called Lucerne pattern, decorated in primary colours with a stylised Mediterranean chateau in a landscape, ranks among the scarcest and most desirable of all designs from Clarice Cliff’s ‘Appliqué’ range.


Back to first principles – and profits for Clarice Cliff

13 June 2009

WHEN a market softens, it is often best to return to first principles – the core values of condition, market freshness and pricing that can be overlooked when an area of collecting really ‘takes off’.


When a major buyer turns vendor: Sevi Guatelli’s Clarice Cliff

27 March 2009

NO-ONE seemed to be in doubt about the quality of Sevi Guatelli’s Clarice Cliff collection.


Thieves steal a collection built up over a lifetime

04 August 2008

A YORKSHIRE dealer lost a lifetime's collection in one night when thieves stole the bulk of his Clarice Cliff stock built up over the last 25 years. Art Deco dealer Muir Hewitt lost around 55 pieces of Clarice Cliff when the thieves targeted his shop in the Redbrick Mill in Batley in the early hours of July 26.

Clarice Cliff collectors defect to the Midlands over buyer’s premium hike

18 December 2007

Midlands auctioneers Fieldings and the Clarice Cliff Collectors’ Club (CCCC) are to join forces to hold sales of the avidly collected Art Deco pottery.

Clarice Cliff collectors protest against premium hike

29 October 2007

Collectors of Clarice Cliff have voiced their opposition to increased auctioneers’ charges with some refusing to attend Christie’s latest sale of the popular Art Deco pottery.


Cliff hits new heights to boost reputation of Bath specialists

27 May 2005

THE reputation established by Gardiner Houlgate over the last ten years for Clarice Cliff pottery has resulted in two specialist sales each year of around 200 lots.


Clarice proves a reliable partner for the first Sunday outing

01 March 2005

The market for Clarice Cliff may not be the spirited beast it was five or six years ago when Christie’s South Kensington’s specialist sales could routinely expect to boast 80-90 per cent selling rates by lot.

A steady start for furniture standards

28 April 2004

THE March 5 sale at Dee Atkinson & Harrison's (10% buyer's premium) West Yorkshire saleroom was the first antiques offering of the year and, after an 83 per cent selling rate on nearly 700 lots, the auctioneers took encouragement from the way the market seemed to be picking up, with furniture, at last, edging out of the doldrums.

Clock and ceramics stand out on day of routine furniture

15 April 2004

WITH sales of standard furniture chugging along – but at least finding buyers – Gildings (12.5% buyer's premium) of Market Harborough, in common with many in the provinces, looked to ceramics and clocks to provide the day’s highlights at their March 16 sale.