West Sussex


Devil’s hour in West Sussex

10 September 2018

One of the more unusual clocks on offer this summer was the late 19th century French ‘devil band’ mantel clock that attracted international bidding at Bellmans (22% buyer’s premium).


Note shows light-hearted Laura Knight

20 August 2018

A cartoon by Dame Laura Knight (1877-1970) offers a rare and light-hearted look at her married life.


Mill in splendid isolation sails to high price in Chichester

06 August 2018

A sweeping landscape by John Arnesby Brown (1866-1955) made a multi-estimate sum at Henry Adams (20% buyer’s premium), the second time in four months a work by the painter has done so at the Chichester firm.


Eighteenth century armadillo that made it alive to Britain

06 August 2018

A 3 x 5in (7cm x 13cm) miniature watercolour on ivory offered for sale at Toovey’s (plus 24.5% buyer’s premium) in Washington, West Sussex, recalls a small but significant moment in the history of British zoology.

Cat cane

Walk this way for single owner collections of canes at auction

01 August 2018

Walking stick collectors have been in luck, with not one but two single owner collections up for grabs at auction this summer.


Single-owner Mod Brits head into Winchester saleroom

16 July 2018

More than £35,000 worth of Modern British art from a single-owner collection sold at Bellmans (22% buyer’s premium) in Winchester on June 27-28.

Castle photograph

Photos from the collection of advertising legend Paul Arden go on offer in Sussex

19 June 2018

Advertising legend Paul Arden (1940-2008), the mastermind behind some of Saatchi & Saatchi’s best-known campaigns, is commemorated in a photography exhibition in Petworth this month.


Saint Augustine’s English ‘City of God’

18 June 2018

St Augustine of Hippo’s De civitate Dei (below) was penned to counter pagan claims that what had prompted the Visigoth sacking of Rome in 410 was the adoption of Christianity by its emperors. The book was first printed around a thousand years later in the 1460s, but it was 150 years before a first English language edition appeared.


Previews: £30,000 plus

04 June 2018

Our weekly selection from salerooms and dealerships.


Organiser expands event from Hampshire to West Sussex

04 June 2018

Jackie Edwards knows all about crowds, as she is in her third year of running a busy biannual antiques and vintage fair in five indoor/outdoor locations throughout the market town of Romsey in Hampshire.


Lady Caroline’s Byron kiss-and-tell account

04 June 2018

A hundred and eighty lots in a recent West Sussex sale that offered great variety and some real rarities came from the library at West Horsley Place in Surrey.


Buyer sought to keep Salvador Dalí champagne lamps in the UK

02 June 2018

Lamps designed by surrealist artist Salvador Dalí have been blocked from export in the hope a buyer can be found to pay £440,000 to keep them in the UK.


Pick of the Week: Clock for Chinese market chimes with collecting tastes

28 May 2018

The emperor Qianlong collected Western clocks throughout his 60-year reign, building upon the interest of his grandfather Kangxi.


Summers Place Auctions marks a decade of quirky offerings

14 May 2018

Whether you’re in the market for mammoths or missiles, for 10 years Summers Place Auctions has been a likely destination. In 2008 SPA held its first auction, having been formed the year before.

WEB pierrepoint 1.jpg

Archive of most famous hangman Albert Pierrepoint up at auction in West Sussex

11 May 2018

It must have broken the ice at parties: ‘So, what do you do?’ Reply: ‘I’m a hangman…’


Petworth fair bigger than ever

30 April 2018

Petworth Park Antiques & Fine Art Fair is bigger than ever this year as it returns for its fourth staging.


Pick of the Week: Here comes the sundial at Summers Place

02 April 2018

Henry Wynne (fl.1654-1709), master of the Clockmaker’s Company, produced the finest and largest double-horizontal sundials of the Restoration period.


Krusenstern goes round again in Sussex

19 March 2018

A first English edition of Charlotte Bernhardi’s translation of her father, Admiral Krusenstern’s Memoir… of his 1803-06 circumnavigation of the globe was one of the rarer items offered at Toovey’s (24.5% buyer’s premium) on February 20.


Pick of the Week: Buyer’s 20-year search for walking stick stand is over

12 March 2018

Paul Comolera (1818-97) was one of a series of prominent sculptors who travelled to work in Stoke-on-Trent at a time of political upheaval in France.


Previews: £30,000 plus

05 March 2018

Our weekly selection from salerooms and dealerships.